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Complete audit of how technology is working for your organization

We live in a digital world, this review can provide you with a realistic view of your current position and where to go next!

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This detailed digital audit covers all aspects of how technology is used in your organization to address these common, critical processes and activities.  Not all items below apply to any organization but we document all that apply and provide a comprehensive report including recommendations for improvement.

How You Are Perceived

This area of the digital audit addresses your online messaging and how effective it is in helping your organization raise more and do more in the community.

  • Consistency of message
  • Visual Appeal
  • Interactivity – Can I engage through your website
  • Performance & Analytics
  • Search Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
  • Is your site showing up on search?
  • Are you using free Google marketing?
  • Is your site displaying correctly in search?
  • How much search traffic are you getting?
Public Listings
  • Is your organization easily found online?
  • Is the data about you online correct?
Print Branding
  • Is your branding consistent across media?
  • Tracking processes for print marketing
  • Brand standards and review processes
  • Use of video
  • Online multimedia resources
  • Channels and Syndication
  • Blog and article publishing

Great Data & Processes

The people, processes and data that drive your organization should be working in harmony.  We explore how effectively you use technology for a unified back-office.

Relationship Management
  • Donor data management
  • Grant data management
  • Vendor data management
  • Case management
  • Tracking cash & check donations
  • Online donation data integration
  • Handling recurring donations
  • Tracking event & membership donation data
  • Handling in-kind donations
  • Online registration
  • Job and shift tracking
  • Volunteer hours tracking
  • Volunteer hours for Donors
Event Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Online Ticketing
  • Attendee Check-in
  • Silent Auctions
Reporting & Integration
  • Year-end reporting
  • Integration with Accounting Software
  • Board of Director Reports
  • Leadership Dashboards
  • Integration with other systems

Communications & Engagement

Are you using technology to it’s fullest to drive more engagement and raise more money?  Getting the message out is key to raising awareness of your campaigns and initiatives.

Email Communications
  • Outbound Mail Service
  • Database integration with Mail Service
  • Branding on Communications Templates
Social Media
  • Active Social Media Strategy
  • Integration with Website
  • Integration with Donor Database
  • Integration with Email Service Templates
Campaign Management
  • Campaign processes integrated with Donor Database
  • Donor Campaigns connected to online giving pages
  • 360 degree reporting of campaigns
  • Volunteer campaigns

Fundraising & Online Sales

Transactions are at an all-time high.  We make sure you are engaging your donors and constituents effectively.  This section will include a review of how you are raising income online.

Online Donations
  • Integrated into Donor Database
  • Supports recurring Donations
  • Supports memberships
  • Online Merchandise Sales
Social Fundraising
  • Using Social Fundraising platform
  • Integration with Donor Database
  • Social Fundraising Strategies & Processes
Membership Management
  • Membership processes
  • Online registration
  • Integration with Website resources
  • Integration with donor database
  • Integrated reporting
Event Ticketing
  • Online ticket sales
  • Event check-in and payment
  • Auction bidder provisioning
  • Gala table assignments
  • Multiple event level options
  • Full integration with Donor Database
In-Kind Donations
  • Tracking in-kind donations
  • Reporting of donations
  • Asset management for donated items